Title: Site migration and tweaking performance
About the project:

visitorkerala.com is one of the most leading tourism portals. The website was revamped and migrated to AWS along with server tweaking for high performance which maximized the performance of the server and minimized the cost for the client.



Title: Site migration and auto-scaling
About the project:

rashtradeepika.com is a news website, which is the online version of a leading evening daily. As the viewership increased, the VPS server took a hike in load and was brought server down. We migrated the website rashtradeepika.com from VPS to AWS for distributing incoming requests to multiple servers using a Load Balancer and the servers would scale automatically during the peak hours.



Title: Spam prevention and site migration
About the project:

Marry2love is a growing matrimonial website. The site was hosted in shared hosting. As the number of users and the number of hits increased, the website was not able to handle the load. spamming issues Thus the site was migrated from shared hosting to VPS which gave them maximum uptime and better security while bringing the expense of the client down the hill. We resolved the spamming issues and took measures for preventing it from happening again.


ILM Engineering College

Title: Site recovery and server hardening
About the Project:

The website was hacked and malicious spam mails were generated, which brought the VPS server down. Our Support Team and Development Team, recovered the site from hack and removed all the malicious files from the server and tweaked the server from getting hacked again.

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