Visitor Kerala

We were having a lot of problems when we were in rack space and the price that we pay was not satisfiable for  us.  Then  it  was  IPSR  who  gave  us  top  notch  solutions  of  moving  our  website  from  Rack space  to Amazon  which  brought  a  reasonable  reduction  in  price  and  they  have  been  managing  our  website. Whenever we have an issue which is comparatively rare, IPSR have been providing instant support and resolve the issue in minimum time frame.


Ipsr solutions has served us for over 2 years now. Our website normally contains large amount of data and it was hosted in a VPS. Since constant uploading is required for our site, sometimes we faced issues like uploading errors, server down issues and so on. Whenever we had such issues they look into it as soon as possible and gave us a positive response. But for a better performance, IPSR suggested us to migrate our website  to  cloud.  The  up time  we  experience  is  far  greater  than  all  the  hosts  that  we  have  used.  ipsr solutions are excellent and we regularly recommend them to our partners and affiliates.


Since  we  are running  a  matrimonial  website  we  were  facing  a  major  spamming  issue  in  the  server  for several days. Then we contacted IPSR to solve the issue. The next thing that we hear from them was, the issue has been resolved. Finding out the solution for that was really a tough one but they took the strain and helped us out. Since then we haven’t got any spamming in our server and everything works flawlessly.

Farook College

We have heard that IPSR has been hosting websites of most of the colleges which made us to host our website under IPSR. Even after hosting the website with them, we were facing issues initially. But soon they  could  analyze  the root  cause  and  they  could resolve  the  issue  at  a  shortest  time  and  brought  the website back to live. We appreciate the effort that they make and for the service they provide.

Gomma Wood

We had an issue with our website which had been constantly hacked. The first thing we did was contacting IPSR regarding this issue. They found the reason for the hack and suggested to revamp the website to linux as some files were vulnerable. The only thing that we had to do was to give a confirmation to proceed with the revamping. The IPSR team took care of everything and till now we haven’t faced that problem. We have never come across such dedicated staffs who are always there for us in providing support.